Day 2

Monday we started at the City Museum in St. Louis. What an impressive and unique place! We enjoyed climbing around and exploring everything. In the afternoon we headed to St. Charles to a Lewis and Clark Boat House. It was a small museum dedicated to Lewis and Clark right on the Missouri River. St. Charles was the first capitol of Missouri, and the Corps of Discovery spent a few days there preparing for their journey west. (One Private in the party was sentenced to 50 lashes after enjoying a ball thrown in their honor a little too much!)  We were a little disappointed to discover that the full-size replica keelboats were not there, as they are currently in Canada for the filming of an HBO miniseries. We walked along the Missouri River to a giant statue of Lewis, Clark, and Seaman (Lewis’ dog). Then we walked up to historic brick-lined Main Street for some ice cream before continuing west to spend the night in Columbia.


City Museum
City Museum
Selfie from a crazy sculpture
Selfie from a crazy sculpture
Delicious lunch at the City Museum
View from about 3 floors up on the way to the 10-story slide (the slide was one of those spirals!)
Torsten built a bridge with his new friend Eli
Lewis and Clark Boat House
Lexi in a giant top
Caroline loves trying new adventures with her aunt!
Little pioneers!
Missouri River
Seaman licking Conquer

IMGP7647 IMGP7668 IMGP7669 IMGP7693 IMGP7684


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