Day 3

Tuesday we started with a 2 hour drive from Columbia to Fort Osage. The fort was founded in 1808 by William Clark. He had noted in his journals that it was an excellent place to build a fort, and after the expedition returned, he took a group of soldiers to set it up. The current fort is a reconstruction built on the original foundations. It sits right on the Missouri River and is made up of about 8 buildings surrounded by palisades. We talked with the shopkeeper in the Indian trading post, and Torsten was excited to find the cannons. Other than the 95 degree weather, it was a nice place to visit!

From there, we drove to Independence to the National Frontier Trails Museum. Pioneers heading west on the Oregon, Santa Fe, Mormon, and California Trails set off from here. We saw 2 covered wagons and tried filling our own with supplies. We walked across the street to see the wagon ruts, but it was hard to tell if what we saw were wagon ruts or lawnmower ruts. Either way, we tried to imagine the excitement and chaos of all of those pioneer families making their final preparations to head west.

Checking out a wagon
Checking out a wagon
Conquer enjoying his view of the open road
Conquer enjoying his view of the open road
Cotton candy at dinner!
Is she eating the cotton candy or is it eating her?
The view of the Missouri River from Fort Osage
Fort Osage
Lexi being educated on the “Wal-Mart” of the past (an Indian trading post)
Torsten firing the cannon
Lexi trying out the barracks and the comfy straw-filled matress
Caroline doing heavy labor
My team of oxen
I spun to determine my fate in California during the Gold Rush
Thought this was funny since we are driving a Chevy Traverse, which is the same size as a Ford Explorer
Stocking their wagon
Swales from the covered wagons
Wagon rut??
Picnic lunch
Lexi sentenced me to 50 lashes!!
Me explaining how pioneer children collected dried bison dung for the campfires

IMG_3657 IMGP0011 IMGP0024 IMGP0051


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